The Best Promotional Product for Brands

It’s normal for you to get a pen or cup when you come across a roadshow or trade show, and then this gift with some brand name or logo on it will be at your hand for at least one year. Sometimes you may just curious about what does it’s company do and so that you type in the brand name you have seen hundreds of time into the searching engine.

Bingo! The company get what they want. That’s how promotional products work.

Promotional products are often small, ordinary, no-expensive items. But just don’t underestimate the power of them. Giving away promotional products is the most affordable advertising strategy on earth and are liked by everyone. After all, everyone loves getting something for free.

The Feature of Promotional Product

1. Useful

A product that is useful to the customer tends to have more staying power, so that people will use them more and see your brand name more. If your promotional product is useless, then you may find them in the trash can next day. That’s why something like pen, umbrella and tech accessory are good choices of promotional product.

2. Durable

It’s also about the staying power, the more durable your promotional product is, the longer it stays with your customer. Lamicall use high quality aluminum alloy to make phone stands, usually a desktop stand could be used over 5 years. Plastic items won’t be that durable, but they are usually cheaper and lighter, would also be a nice choice of promotional product.

3. High quality

Cheap-looking products will leave a poor impression on brand and do more harm than good to the company. Promotional products is not a place to save the budget, but an opportunity to put your brand in your customers’ mindset. Lamicall products have already been tested by Amazon, and the 4.8 rate have showed the high quality of them.

4. Creative

Actually, promotional product is a widely used brand strategy, you can see it everywhere, on a trade show, in a shopping mall, even on the way you back home. So too ordinary items such as gel pen can’t really thrill out people. If you want to stand out and get good result, you’d better looking for something not ordinary.

5. Relevant

If your promotional product could be relevant to your product or service, that couldn’t be better. For example, if you are selling mobile phones or provide service to repair mobile phones, you could choose custom phone stand as your promotional product, because phone stand is a complementary product of mobile phone, it connect your business with certain thing they use everyday.

Lamicall stand with Rud Pedersen

lamicall custom stand&package

Rud Pedersen is one of the largest Nordic consultancies specializing in the field of public affairs. As a consulting company, they don’t have much physical product to make people remember them, and then they use the promotional product strategy and chose Lamicall phone stand as their promotional product.

Actually, it’s quite a thoughtful promotional product for Rud Pedersen’s clients. Not only have they chosen silk printing logo, so that their logo could be beautiful light blue, The company also ordered customized high-end boxes for the stand.

We discussed every details together from the choice of stand type, effect picture, packaging, etc. And finally, they got the perfect products they want.

RP custom stand

What kind of business could choose Lamicall stand as their promotional product

1. Mobile phone store and repair store

( Image from:

As we mentioned above, since phone stand is the complementary product of mobile phone, any business related to mobile phone could take phone stand as their promotional product. Besides, these stores could also keep some stands to display the phone they want to show to customers.

2. iPad POS system developer

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As more iPad POS system come out, it’s more and more convenient for stores and guests to check out. Only an iPad is enough. The only problem is how to fix the iPad on the counter beautifully. So, as an iPad POS system developer, you could pick tablet stand as your promotional product, perfectly solved the settle problem for those store owners.

3. Car shop

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A car phone holder is almost a necessity for every driver. Compared with the profit of selling a car, the cost of a tiny car phone holder is simply a drop in the bucket. Car phone holder is definitely a great venture. Especially at car shows, free giveaway of car phone holder would make you and your brand the most impression and memorable.

4. App developer

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It seems that App developers have little to do with offline marketing, then whether they have no need to spend money on promotional product or not? Not really! When it comes to promoting the App, gift is always a good choice.

There are a lot of tech company choose phone stand as their gift to customers and client.


If you have any other good ideas about promotional product, welcome to write down in the comment box below.

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